While progress towards gender equality has been made,
there’s still work to be done.

We are a consultancy firm specializing in gender-based violence, particularly Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. Our academic background, diverse skill set, international field experience, and open-minded approach allow us to deliver unique ideas and solutions that work on paper and in practice.
Dr. Annemarie Middelburg
Founder of Right to Rise

Annemarie believes that a person’s opportunities in life shouldn’t be determined by their background, circumstance, or religion. After completing her Ph.D. in international law and human rights, she traveled the world in search of ways to affect positive change. Her vast research and fieldwork in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, supplemented her academic expertise with grassroots-level experience. Annemarie’s body of work as a consultant and lecturer include collaborations with the United Nations, the European Union, consultancy firms, universities, and many international and local NGOs.

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Our Services

We provide a comprehensive approach to independent research that increase awareness and drive paradigm shifts.

Our Services

Dr. Annemarie Middelburg is a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, conveys her knowledge and experience through lectures, tutorials and webinars that inspire open-mindedness and encourage critical thinking.

Our Services

Program design
We develop program strategies, policies and theories of change to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women and girls. We also conduct baseline studies, mid-term reviews and M&E to measure progress towards outcomes.

Our Services

public speaking
As a moderator, meeting facilitator, panelllist and speaker, Dr. Annemarie Middelburg participates in national and international conferences, bringing multifaceted perspectives and creates communication bridges that drive collective social change.

Our Services

expert OPINIONs
We act as an expert witness and prepare thorough reports to support victims seeking asylum based on their fear of persecution on FGM/C-related grounds.

Our Services

We apply creative thinking to develop educational videos, disruptive actions and campaigns to spread our message, raise awareness and inspire action.


I have known Annemarie for one year and worked closely with her for two weeks when she visited Ghana as a consultant to the Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA). During one of the sessions with her, a colleague tapped me and said: “This woman is a high-flier and she knows how to pull people along with her.” Every session with Annemarie was remarkable. Besides that, in a meeting with a group of girls in one of the project schools where some girls shared with us abuses they suffered in the past, we were all amazed at Annemarie’s emotional disposition. She exhibited love and concern for their predicaments, which brought smiles on the faces of the girls.

Anna N. Nabere
Project Manager Girls Advocacy Alliance - Plan International Ghana

Annemarie was the lead author of one of our large publications on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, developed within the framework of the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on FGM/C. She went above and beyond to finish the work and always respected deadlines. She is highly professional and dedicated, listened well to feedback and took it into account without question while not shying away from giving her expert opinion. Annemarie is a good communicator with a strong work ethic and solid knowledge of FGM/C. It was a pleasure working with her.

Meike Madeleine Keldenich
Technical Specialist FGM/C - UNFPA West and Central Africa Regional Office

I attended the course Public International Law at the University of Amsterdam. From the very first tutorial I attended, I was amazed at the level of expertise, passion, enthusiasm and the in-depth knowledge of Annemarie. In fact, she inspired me to pursue an LL.M. in Public International Law. Even though I am no longer enrolled in one of her courses, I will continue to see Annemarie as a mentor, as the warm connections she manages to build with students and colleagues do not merely fade with time!

Nikita Sinha
Student - University of Amsterdam