Creativity is a powerful tool for raising awareness and changing mindsets.

We are always ready to raise our voices for gender equality and women’s rights. Through our advocacy efforts, we seek to spread awareness, influence law- and policymaking, change attitudes, and inspire action towards gender equality. We leverage technology and creative thinking to convert our knowledge into striking educational ideas, campaigns, and activities. These services aim at presenting complicated topics from new angles and inspiring others to think differently and take action. 

With Us
Whereas in the form of videos, flyers, digital content, speeches, or creative actions, we seek to motivate politicians, health professionals, civil society actors and students to help change the status quo and take action. We work closely with our clients in developing assets that fit the project’s requirements and, above all, deliver the core message with force and clarity.


I have known Annemarie for several years in my role as cultural mediator (in Dutch: 'sleutelpersoon') at the Federation of Somali Associations (FSAN) in the Netherlands. We have worked closely together on various projects and activities to prevent Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting; for example, Annemarie developed a flyer about clitoral reconstructive surgery, which we presented together to Lilianne Ploumen (Member of Parliament). I have also followed many trainings that she provided on various topics for FSAN, which were always very clear and informative. Furthermore, Annemarie is a strong communicator, enormously involved with both the target group and the subject of FGM/C - she’s an inspiration for many, with her perseverance to bring about change.

Aida Belay
Cultural Mediator - FSAN

Annemarie is genuine and working with her is very pleasant. When she speaks, she exudes professionalism: she knows what she is talking about. Her mission is to end FGM/C. Despite this being an uphil battle, she continues to believe in it and I have a lot of admiration for that. The film we made together has a lot of impact (more than 28.000 views to date). Thanks to Annemarie, I have been given a platform to share my story as a survivor of FGM/C. I now give lectures - together with Annemarie but also by myself - across the Netherlands. Annemarie is not only a lovely person to work with, she has also become a true friend.

Istahil Abdulahi
Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting