If the right words reach a couple of hundred people, they have the potential to impact a couple million.

Over time, our work and skill sets have given us the possibility to look at the topics we deal with from different angles. 

• We distill our expertise into compelling presentations and keynote speeches that allow us to reach and inspire people of many different backgrounds. 
• We moderate academic conferences, UN expert meetings and NGO events where we form bridges between parties and create channels for open conversation and idea exchange.

• We deliver workshops and trainings for professionals, cultural mediators, and women to enhance their knowledge/skills, make more informed decisions and provide better assistance to others.

With Us
When we give presentations and develop trainings, we strive to share knowledge and present compelling arguments that enable the audience to look at complex topics (such as gender equality, violence against women, and harmful practices) from new angles. As facilitators and moderators, we strive to create a safe space, listen carefully, incentivize tolerance amongst participants where everyone gets the opportunity to speak and share their ideas.


by Dr. Annemarie Middelburg
Clitoral Reconstruction after FGM
April 2021 / Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The Right to Bodily Autonomy: Do women have a right to choose for FGM/C?
December 2020 / London, United Kingdom.
The Criminalization of FGM/C in the Netherlands
November 2020 / Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The Impact of COVID-19 on Efforts to End FGM/C
November 2020 / Utrecht, the Netherlands.
FGM Protection Orders: A Novel Legal Remedy?
July 2020 / Brussels, Belgium.
Clitoral Reconstructive Surgery in Europe
September 2019 / Leipzig, Germany.
Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges
July 2018 / Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
International Law in Practice
April 2018 / Groningen, the Netherlands.
Gender-Related Vulnerabilities and Asylum
November 2016 / Brussels, Belgium.
Annemarie is a member of the international online Community of Practice on FGM. She contributed as an expert in the thematic discussion on Law & FGM that we organized, providing valuable insights from her experience, including research in Burkina Faso, on the role that law plays in ending FGM, and the limits of anti-FGM legislation. Not only did she share her own experience, but she also interacted with members who participated in the discussion in a significant way. It is clear that she is passionate about the anti-FGM movement and wants to build bridges between academic research and community-level intervention to end FGM.

Stéphanie Florquin 
Deputy Director - GAMS Belgique

Annemarie moderated our conference on 'Gender-related vulnerabilities in the EU asylum procedures’ in Brussels. She was thorough in her preparation and coped with professionalism and grace with last minute changes. The panelists and participants were a mixture of different backgrounds, professions and experiences, including those directly affected by Female Genital Mutilation; Annemarie was sensitive to the challenges that this presented and adapted the discussion accordingly. I would recommend her as a speaker, moderator or panelist very highly. Aside from her professionalism, commitment and astute strategic thinking, she is a real pleasure to work with.

Natalie Kontoulis
Advocacy and Communications Officer - End FGM European Network