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Girls and women - but also men and boys - can find themselves in life-threatening situations due to FGM/C-related violence in their country of origin. Victims seeking asylum due to fear of persecution on these bases can qualify for refugee status. We can support them during this process by serving as expert witnesses and developing expert opinions.

With Us
Potential victims of FGM/C who are seeking asylum, need support in building a case to get the protection their situation demands. Either directly, in collaboration with their lawyers, or upon request of NGOs, we can assist in building cases and act as expert witnesses. Our objective is to provide objective, impartial accounts, and assessments of each person’s specific circumstances and the risk they face to undergo FGM/C when returned to their country of origin. 
Our country expert reports usually consist of an overview of the FGM/C situation in the country, the likelihood of government and/or civil society protection, family background, and internal flight or relocation alternatives.
All our work in this field is backed by our vast subject knowledge, our experience traveling and working in 25+ African countries, academic research, UN and NGO reports, and statistical data of nationally representative household surveys (DHS and MICS).


I sought Dr. Annemarie Middelburg’s help when I needed an expert report for my client who was a victim of Female Genital Mutilation seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. Her commitment and professional ethics allowed me to assist my client with the best support possible. She went into deep details of the local FGM/C situation and case particularities and prepared an extremely organized, well-presented, and accurate expert statement. I can only thank Dr. Middelburg for her empathy, commitment to human rights, and assisting us with brevity, enabling us to present all the information in Court. I vividly recommend her work.

Gustavo Bussmann Ferreira
Legal Advisor - Farani Taylor Solicitors

Dr. Middelburg’s expert opinions on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) are extremely detailed and region specific. She presents graphs, statistics, maps, and highlights case specific facts based on client affidavits and evidence. I represent Nigerians seeking asylum in the United States and it is not easy to obtain a thorough expert opinion on FGM/C for a reasonable cost, but Dr. Middelburg makes it possible. Thank you for your expertise and commitment to justice!

Sheri B. Hoidra, Esq.
Sheri Hoidra Law Office