The organizations at the forefront of social change have immense power over decisions that directly or indirectly affect the entire world.

We assist UN agencies, governments, consultancy firms, and civil society organizations in creating programme strategies that seek to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women and girls. Our program designs and theories of change are evidence-based and aim to help organizations envision and direct efforts towards this goal. We also conduct baseline studies, mid-term reviews and evaluations of existing programs and projects for which we collect data, analyze performance, and review milestones to assess progress towards outcomes. This is also a great learning opportunity for organizations.

With Us
Our program design and Theories of Change benefit from our academic background, field experience, and knowledge. Regardless of whether we are working with one organization or a large consortium, we always assess dynamics and issues from an internal and external perspective. This ensures that we can provide more integral strategies and effective plans of action. More specifically, we regularly use the ‘outcome harvesting’ method and apply this evaluation approach to retrospectively identify impact. We collect examples of what has changed (positive, negative, intended, and unintended) and determine whether, and how, an intervention has contributed to these changes.


​​Annemarie became a real asset to the Ghana Girls Advocacy Alliance team and the local implementing partners. She fine-tuned the programme’s Theory of Change, project outcomes, outputs and activities. Her professional and refined approach to group discussions always kept everybody focused and active. Annemarie was able to facilitate and at the same time capture all relevant points from the discussions. It was through her tireless work ethics, insistence on consistency and time consciousness that the team was, for the first time, able to compile a draft annual report during the annual review meeting. I recommend Annemarie without reservation.

Anna N. Nabere
Project Manager Girls Advocacy Alliance - Plan International Ghana

I worked with Annemarie in Liberia, on positioning the country's need to address Violence Against Women and Girls under the Spotlight Initiative in 2018. Her tenacity and experience in analyzing legal frameworks on FGM/C and developing an innovative model to simplify the relationship between gender-based violence and sexual reproductive health and rights. Annemarie's model was key in the success of Liberia's proposal for over 17 Million USD program to be implemented in three years.

Brian Kironde
International Programme Coordinator - UNFPA