The first step to ending gender inequality is deep understanding. 

While progress towards gender equality has been made,
there’s still work to be done.

Our research projects and academic publications in leading academic peer-reviewed journals seek to provide answers to intellectual and practical questions. Our unique approach examines gender-related issues from multiple angles and exposes systemic issues more efficiently.

With Us

When doing research, we help our clients define the research problem and develop a methodology. We have experience conducting both qualitative and quantitative research, and applying the Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) methodology as well. The latter can be used to gain a more in-depth understanding of a community or situation. The combination of analytical skills, deep contextual understanding, and vast empirical research experience across Africa and the Middle East allows us to give evidence-informed recommendations and reach more accurate conclusions through our work in this field.


Annemarie’s work struck me as original and creative—taking a multidisciplinary approach to the question of how human rights treaties work in practice. Her research contributed to the academic debates on treaty law and compliance, the universality of human rights, and traditional practices. She knows how to transform theoretical and conceptual ideas into practical legal and policy advice and has proven to be a true expert on these topics.

Prof. dr. Yvonne Donders
Head of the International Public Law Department - University of Amsterdam
Commissioner - Netherlands Human Rights Institute

I was one of the supervisors of the PhD-thesis of Annemarie and from day one she operated in a remarkably independent way. She is curious by nature and has an astounding appetite for knowledge. She works long hours and she is highly disciplined. This enables her to be a prolific writer, as is also testified by her substantial list of publications. Annemarie operates on the basis of high quality standards; she is always looking for ways to improve her research and is never shy to consult others who can add a dimension or perspective to the problem at hand.

Prof. dr. Marc Groenhuijsen
Founding President, INTERVICT - Tilburg University