Teaching receptive minds to think differently can cause a ripple effect that will affect the future development of countless events.

Our lectures, tutorials, webinars and thesis supervision, seek to convey more than conventional knowledge —our integral expertise and years of field experience. We aim to motivate students towards reflection & action; making them feel passionate about improving the structural problems of the world.

With Us
We give lectures on international public law, human rights, gender, violence against women, conflict, philosophy of law and research methods. We are always on the lookout for new teaching and learning methods and seek to combine our academic knowledge with the practical experience granted by 10+ years of fieldwork. We intend to consistently deliver compelling lectures that build perspectives, highlight interdisciplinary links, and equip students to become more prepared professionals in the field.
Dr Annemarie Middelburg is BKO accredited.
The BKO is a Dutch university teaching qualification program that serves as formal evidence of proficient didactic skills and educational competencies.



Guest Lectures
by Dr. Annemarie Middelburg
'A Career Outside Academia’ at Radboud University
October 2021 / Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
'FGM & the COVID-19 Pandemic’ at University of Amsterdam
January 2021 / Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
'Law and Culture’ at Leiden University
February 2020 / Leiden, the Netherlands.
‘FGM and Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery’ at Maastricht University
September 2019 / Maastricht, the Netherlands.
‘FGM/C in Iraqi Kurdistan’ at University College
February 2019 / The Hague, the Netherlands.
‘FGM in Europe and Beyond’ at University of Groningen
February 2019 / Groningen, the Netherlands.
‘Violence Against Women’ at Middlesex University
November 2018 / Uniciti, Mauritius.
‘The Immigrant Child’ at Leiden University
June 2018 / Leiden, the Netherlands.
‘Critical Thinking’ at Avans Hogeschool
March 2017 / Den Bosch, the Netherlands.
I had the pleasure of having Annemarie as my Bachelor Thesis supervisor. She combines her outstanding level of knowledge on international law and human rights matters with a very high level of devotion to her students. Annemarie would always make time for me, provide me with in-depth and constructive feedback, and know just what questions to ask me to guide me in my writing process. Moreover, she is an incredibly kind and warm person, making you feel comfortable with her right from the moment you meet her. I am very thankful for her guidance and truly could not have wished for a better supervisor.

Boban van Tol
Student - University of Amsterdam

I attended the lectures of Annemarie during the course Public International Law at the University of Amsterdam. Because of her enthusiasm and fascinating stories about her experiences in the field, I developed a great interest in international human rights law. During the lectures, Annemarie encouraged students to travel the world and explained the added value of studying abroad. When she said that, I started to seriously think about an exchange program. As a result, I will go to Madrid for six months this year!

Ruby Groeneveld
Student - University of Amsterdam