Change Accelerator
for Women’s Rights

We are an independent consultancy firm with 10+ years of experience. We work with both the public and private sectors as advisors, partners, researchers, and mentors. 

Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to provide broader perspectives to help others understand complex topics, like FGM/C, from new angles. We leverage multiple resources and skills to develop thorough solutions that work on paper and in practice with the sole objective of helping to eliminate violence against women.

Our True Offering

1. Academic Background

Our analytical skills and knowledge of complementary and interconnected topics allow us to support our work with relevant data, rigorous analysis, and critical thinking.

2. Practical Experience

Our many years of fieldwork in over 25 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe have given us first-hand experience of the complex contexts where FGM/C and other forms of gender-based violence are most prevalent.

3. Personal Understanding

Our work and decisions are deeply impacted by our ongoing exposure and frequent exchanges with survivors of FGM/C and women in general, in countries affected by gender-based violence. These encounters grant us the understanding and emotional intelligence required to offer solutions that keep survivors’ interests at heart.

4. Inter-disciplinarity

Our approach is based on several disciplines including law, anthropology, and medicine, resulting in high-quality interdisciplinary research, creative problem-solving, and the development of more robust solutions.

5. Influential Network

Our work has given us access to a vast and diverse network of people working for governments, the UN, NGOs, academics, doctors, and activists. These accomplished individuals inspire our work, contribute insights, validate strategies, and support our work in multiple other ways.

6. Solutions That Make a Difference

Our skill set and experience enable us to deliver solutions and ideas that are evidence-based, realistic, pragmatic, and actionable.

What Drives Us

Creative Vision

We have inquisitive minds that like to go beyond academia and knowledge. We strive to find unique angles, connect seemingly conflicting viewpoints, and use graphic design to inspire, and incite change more effectively.

* Experiential dinner held during Dutch Design Week, where participants got to investigate the topic of sexuality from new angles.

Respect & Inclusivity

We practice honest, open-minded communication. We share information with consideration and listen to all viewpoints with genuine interest. We seek to always be tolerant and inspire the same in others.  

Transparency & Impartiality

As true catalysts for change, we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability in everything we do. We operate independently and safeguard impartiality.

Our Approach

Once you reach out to Right to Rise, we'll arrange an introductory meeting. Our priorities are to get to know you, to understand your objectives, and to ensure that our organizations are the right fit. The next steps are to define your problem statement, assess the case’s impact at the grassroots level, and its links to the existing literature. Then we'll share some preliminary thoughts and possible action paths, and —if need be— suggest bringing other key partners on board.  If we share a common vision, we’ll proceed to create a project proposal that suits your needs and allows us to move forward together.

We only take on projects that have one final purpose: to improve the lives of girls and women across the globe.