Invited by PAX for the movie Rafaël in Utrecht
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October 3, 2018

Invited by PAX for the movie Rafaël in Utrecht

The 2nd of October 2018, I was invited by the NGO PAX to attend a special screening of the movie Rafaël in Utrecht during the Dutch Film Festival. This movie is based on true events, and tells the incredible story of the Dutch girl Kimmy and her Tunisian boyfriend Nazir. Nazir wants to travel to the Netherlands at the beginning of the Arab Spring to be able to be present at the birth of his son, but he does not get a visa. Therefore, he decides to make the crossing to Europe illegally.

The story was world news in 2011 and appeared in book form in the novel by author Christine Otten. I found it a beautiful, but at the same time heartbreaking story about dreams, fortitude and boundless love.

After the movie, there was a discussion with Art Rooijakkers (TV presenter & ambassador of Stichting Vluchteling), with the actors (Melody Klaver and Nabil Mallat) and the screenwriter Tijs van Marle about the realization of the movie.

It was very interesting and I would recommend everyone to watch this movie in the upcoming months in the cinema.

You can see the trailer of the movie below.