Video Recording Presentation VAW Conference
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October 22, 2018

Video Recording Presentation VAW Conference

Since I will be traveling to Mauritius for the 1st Violence Against Women Conference, I had an appointment with a videographer to record my presentation

The 20th of October 2018, I had an appointment with Lennart Films to record a presentation. My abstract was selected for a conference organized by Middlesex University Mauritius. The conference is entitled '1st Elimination of Violence Against Women Conference' and takes place the 23rd of November in Mauritius, Flic en Flac. Yes, I am very excited to be traveling to Mauritius in a month time!! More information about the university and the conference can be found here.The title of my presentation is: "Effectiveness of laws to end Female Genital Mutilation: the Success Story of Burkina Faso." I was quite excited, since this was the first time that I would be presenting while on camera.However, at the same time I also saw this conference as an opportunity to try new things. I think it is an excellent idea to ask presenters to record their oral presentation before the conference takes place, to allow people who do not have the financial means to travel to Mauritius, to be virtually present, access information and ask questions at the day of the conference. Why not using the technologies we have in the 21st century?I am very excited to see the end result, which I of course will share with you after the 23rd of November. Perhaps this also opens the door to a new chapter in my business model: why not sharing my knowledge more often via video presentations or podcasts? To be continued... ;-)